Using Spira Custom Reporting to Your Advantage

September 27th, 2021 by inflectra

Many times when working on delivering a mission-critical software project, you want to get a graph or report of some data that is not available in the built-in graphs or reports. For those times when you need a specific Key Performance Indicator (KPI) or other metric, Spira's custom reporting and custom graphing is your best friend. In this article we share come recent examples we've created for clients.

1) Creating a Graph of Automated vs. Manual Test Execution Duration

Sometimes you will want to get an idea how fast your manual and automated tests are taking. You can use the custom graphing feature to create a custom graph for this:

2) Creating a Report of Requirements Test Coverage Percentages

SpiraTest comes with a built in graph for displaying the requirements' test coverage information. However sometimes you want the raw data and percentages rather than just the graphical form. This KB article shows how you can use the custom reporting functionality to do this.

3) Generating a Report of Artifacts that have Invalid Dates

Sometimes you will load in data into SpiraTeam using Excel, Google Sheets or other methods where you end up with dates that are invalid, for example tasks that have an end date before their start date! This article explains how you can use a custom report to quickly find them.

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