IT Management with OMB 300

IT Management with OMB 300

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IT Management with OMB 300

Within the US Government, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Exhibit 300 defines the way in which Government agencies need to plan, budget and acquire and manage all of their IT assets.

Each year, Government agencies submit to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) a Capital Asset Plan and Business Case—the exhibit 300—to justify each request for a major information technology (IT) investment. The exhibit’s content reflects controls that agencies have established to ensure good project management, as well as showing that they have defined cost, schedule, and performance goals. It is thus a tool to help OMB and agencies identify and correct poorly planned or performing investments.

Inflectra provides Government customers with the best tools to more easily manage their portfolio of projects and ensure that sound project management practices are in place

Specifically, SpiraTeam provides real-time project dashboards that let all stakeholders have an up to the minute view into the cost, schedule and performance of the project as well as have insight into the key project issues and risks that have been identified.

Furthermore, the program portfolio views in SpiraTeam let the executive leadership of the agencies have a single unified dashboard of all their projects in one integrated view.

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