KronoDesk 4.0 Released: ActiveDirectory, LDAP Integration & Enhancements

12-Oct-2021 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our award-winning customer support and IT service management platform - KronoDesk. The new version (4.0) includes support for integration with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP, allowing users to be centrally provisioned and authenticated by your company's trusted credential provider . In addition, there are many bug fixes and performance improvements in the new version.

LDAP and ActiveDirectory Support

Many of our customers choose to use KronoDesk for their in-house company IT help desk / service desk. For these environments it makes a lot of sense to be able to integrate KronoDesk with their in-house user directory for internal users. Therefore we have been working in our upcoming KronoDesk 4.0 release to add LDAP and ActiveDirectory support to KronoDesk based on our existing functionality available in Spira. This feature is now available.

With this new functionality, you will be able to mix and match different types of user:

  • Users that login to KronoDesk using a KronoDesk login and password (same as the previous version)
  • Users that login to KronoDesk using their company network login and password (LDAP managed).

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Fix deleting a custom list or value in use by a custom property throwing an error on the ticket details page [IN:2655]
  • Ensure that only logged in internal users can access the API documentation pages [IN:3058]
  • Improve the language of the action buttons on the article (KB) edit page to make their meaning clearer [IN:3982]
  • Ensure that tooltips on the Help Desk ticket list table always show the the latest note to internal users [IN:3990]
  • Allow system administrators to change the login ID of existing users [IN:4353]
  • Move the activity indicator icon to the left so that it does not obscure the user icon [IN:4888]
  • Fix the Recent Forum Posts widget on the home page sometimes displaying the entire forum post [IN:4918]
  • Fix changes not being saved on the organization detail page if the organization name is less than 5 characters [IN:5029]
  • Fix the display of the ticket name on the help desk ticket list page, so names are not cut off if they contain a "&" character [IN:5070]
  • Remove headers for deactivated sections showing on the external home page [IN:5279]
  • Improve how merging tickets works so each ticket becomes a distinct note on the combined ticket (merging no longer merges descriptions together) [IN:5288]
  • Fix the help desk ticket list table tooltip not properly displaying due to not escaping quote characters [IN:5308]
  • Fix user profile showing January 1, 0001 as the Member Since date for some users [IN:6210]
  • Internal links to documentation point to KronoDocs website instead of internal help files [IN:6225]
  • Fix clicking on tickets created by a user who is currently inactive displaying a system error [IN:6236]
  • Fix the global search returning inaccurate information under certain circumstances [IN:6248]
  • Remove headers for deactivated areas on the user profile page [IN:6249]
  • Fix searching for tickets within an organization showing an error [IN:6250]
  • Fix the ticket section of the external home page being blank if the Knowledge Base and/or Forum sections are disabled [IN:6478]
  • Improve the styling and display of error pages [IN:6548]
  • Ensure new installations create the database with the setting AUTO_CLOSE = False [IN:6568]
  • Make the language on the administration email menu option consistent with the heading on the Email Options page [IN:6585]
  • Improve the summary message on the administration > System Settings > Orphaned Documents page to make it more clear [IN:6586]
  • Remove the double colons from certain labels on the administration > Users > Security page [IN:6587]
  • Improve the message text on the administration > Users > User Roles page to make it more clear [IN:6588]
  • Fix spelling errors on the administration > Forum Settings > Appearance page [IN:6589]
  • Security fixes

Release Notes

For the full list of features, bug fixes, and enhancements, please check out the v4.0 release notes.