Inflectra Releases Partner Program Improvements

May 26th, 2023 by inflectra

In September, 2021, we announced a new Partnership structure centered on the premise of collaboration and mutual success. Between then and now, we have been able to forge new and exciting partnership relations and strengthen existing ones. Along the way, we’ve been taking note of what is working for our partner ecosystem, what is not, and what can be improved. 

We are excited to announce improvements for our Partner Program, including new incentives, benefits, training tracks, and a more flexible model of engagement. These new changes seek to support our wide variety of partners who have different needs, expertise, and skill sets by offering them more in-depth learning opportunities and a more customizable, sustainable way to stay engaged with Inflectra. The underlying goal is to provide unprecedented support and enablement for our partners that will lead to long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Types of Partners 

In an effort to better delineate between the types of partnerships we offer, we have slightly adjusted our partner categories and have defined the scope and responsibilities of each in more detail. These categories include: 

  • Solution Partners

  • Technology Partners

  • Resellers 

Please find more information on each below. 


Solution Partners

These partners are Inflectra advisors, trainers, implementers, consultants, affiliates, and/or resellers who implement customer solutions with Inflectra products. Inflectra Solution Partners are able to work at their desired level of engagement and perform services that make most sense for their business. 

There are currently three tiers of Solution Partners: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The differences of each are defined later in this article and on our Partner Program page. 

Technology Partners

Our Technology Partners are organizations that integrate with Inflectra tools and deliver joint solutions to shared customers. These partners optimize Inflectra solutions with plug-ins, adapters, connectors, and technical services. 


Resellers are organizations that actively assist with sales and procurement, generally for customers requiring an approved reseller. Inflectra resellers receive a 10% discount on the contracts and renewals that they process. 


More Incentives & Benefits

We are excited to offer our Solution Partners more training, sales, marketing, and account mapping opportunities. This includes benefits such as increased tool licenses for internal use, personalized training depending on each partner’s needs, and better alignment with the Inflectra sales teams. Ultimately, we want to work with our partners more closely and intentionally, and provide them with the training they need to best support joint customers. 

The Solution Partner Benefits are outlined below, with the recently added incentives boxed in yellow:

We have also released a new set of Partner Badges to recognize and reward the accomplishments and expertise of our partners. In addition, these badges will become available by each partner listing on the Inflectra website, allowing customers to filter by badge and find partners that best suit their needs. 


A New Engagement Point System

Inflectra’s partner ecosystem is made up of a wide variety of organizations, all with different goals, expertise, and business processes. Since our last Partner Program launch, we have learned that using sales revenue as a means to evaluate partner performance does not work for every organization. Instead, we have found that our best partnerships are built on strong relationships with frequent engagement. To encourage and support this engagement, we have developed metrics for success in 4 areas: 

  • Engagement

  • Marketing

  • Continuing Education

  • Sales 

Within each of these areas are activities meant to facilitate a strong foundational relationship between Inflectra and our partners. Each of these 4 areas has a suggested number of points that equal a total goal amount depending on the partner tier. Points are accumulated throughout the year and will be self-recorded in the Partner Portal

This Engagement Point System coexists alongside the training qualifications completed through Inflectra Campus. These training certifications remain the same from the last Partner Program launch. 


What’s Next? 

Our improvements don’t stop here! We continue to take into account the feedback and suggestions from our partners so that we can continue to fine tune the Inflectra Partner experience and in the end, grow exponentially together. 

Here are some upcoming changes to look forward to: 

  • Partner Portal revamp, with more sales and marketing resources, expanded team use, and blog & MDF submissions

  • Inflectra Partner monthly office hours 

  • More joint marketing opportunities and collaborations

If you have any questions about our new Partner Program changes, please reach out to 

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