Updated Product Roadmaps for KronoDesk and Rapise Released

September 26th, 2017 by inflectra

We are pleased to release the updated Development Roadmaps for our KronoDesk help desk system and Rapise test automation platform. The development roadmaps outline the functionality enhancements planned for later this year and 2018.

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KronoDesk 3.0 and Beyond

The KronoDesk Development Roadmap outlines the new features planned in KronoDesk 3.0 and beyond. The highlights include support for multiple-levels of ticket escalations, workflow auto-routing, Service Level Agreement (SLA) tracking / management and support for ITIL best practices.

Rapise 5.4 and Beyond

The Rapise Development Roadmap outlines the new features planned for the next versions of Rapise. The highlights include support for recording with the latest versions of Firefox (that have a new plugin architecture) and Microsoft Edge as well as a set of new libraries that will handle testing of SalesForce.com CRM applications. This new feature builds on the experience and success we have had adding support for Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM, NAV and 365.

As a taster, we have published some videos on our YouTube channel demonstrating Rapise testing SalesForce and we have some samples published on our GitHub account. If you have other applications that you'd like Rapise to have pre-built support for (e.g. SAP, Kronos, etc.) please let us know.


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