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September 23rd, 2014 by inflectra

Every now and again, and it does happen to all of us, we encounter an object that may be poorly built, hacked together, incompletely coded, or just resistant to being recognized by any of the myriad of methods employed within Rapise. I would take this situation from two separate perspectives depending on how often you encounter the issue of not being able to learn or interact with an object with Rapise.

If you see lots of these objects, I would recommend attempting to develop a new recognition routine using Rapise’s superior extension and modification framework. This is a technical exercise and requires expertise in both the development technology used in the application under test as well as a background in Javascript and Rapise.

If it is only a few of these objects you are encountering, your alterative is to use object simulation. Where all other forms of recognition in Rapise derive the coordinates of an object from a hierarchical tree based on Accessibility, XPath, DOM, etc… using object simulation sets a static set of coordinates as the definition of the object.

Yes, Rapise will find the coordinates and click or type on them. There is a downside, attributes you may be interested in are unavailable. Not all though, you can still take images of the defined coordinate space and use those in comparison, but things like value and state will not be available. This does not mean that simulated objects are bad, it means that there is a tool that can get you out of a recognition jam.

  1. Launch you application under test (calculator)
  2. Launch Rapise
  3. Press the Learn button
  4. Select you application and pres the select button
  5. In the recording activity window, select _Simulated from the dropdown in the bottom center of the window
  6. Click the _Simulated button and click on the object you want to use
  7. Click Finish
  8. You are returned to Rapise and now have an object to use in your test that you could not previously recognize.

There are several ways to learn and interact with objects in Rapise. You should hold simulation in your back pocket for that strange case where an object is completely unrecognizable and the alternative would be to rely solely on manual testing.

rapise simulated object simulation

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