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Rapise 7.4 Spotlight: 64-Bit Support and Cross-Application Recording

October 26, 2022

We just recently released the latest version of our Rapise test automation solution, Rapise 7.4. This version has two main, marquee new features - support for HTML web components and the popular AG Grid. In addition, this new version has three other very important test automation enhancements: support for 64-bit desktop applications (both Java and .NET), streamlined cross-application recording, and support for the testing of embedded UI apps.

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Spira for Non-Software Applications: Covid-19 Mask Testing | InflectraCon 2020 IRL

October 30, 2020

Our annual user conference - InflectraCon 2020: Agile Software Testing & DevOps Conference is in the rearview mirror. Today, we are proud to present the Inflectra In Real Life (IRL) talk by our partner sponsor - NVP Software Solutions, called Spira for Non-Software Applications: Covid-19 Mask Testing.

The session focuses on how Spira supports the testing of Covid-19 masks under varying conditions and the transit application.

Enjoy the recording below!

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The Top 3 Tools In Automated UI Testing for Dynamics AX

August 7, 2017

Ever wonder which automated UI testing software to use for Dynamics AX ?

We have a review that compares the three top tools on the market: Visual Studio Coded UI, Rapise and AXeptance. Read how each of them fair when tested against the following five criteria:

  1. functionality
  2. ease of use & maintenance
  3. date-driven testing
  4. reliability
  5. speed
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#TechTuesday: Resilient UI Test Automation for Web Applications

June 20, 2017

Web applications are a perfect example of a rapidly moving target for UI test automation tools. Agile and DevOps drive small changes and frequent releases. This leads to certain challenges in QA field. How to create tests that survive after small UI changes? How to create tests that produce same results if ran 10 times in a row on an unmodified application? How to create tests that check exactly those features they were designed to check?

Answers to these questions are not entirely simple. Test automation is still an art.

In this blog we try to figure out what every test automation engineer can do to find the right answers. First I'll give a few examples that illustrate common challenges in Web UI test automation.

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