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Financial Services

The financial services industry has been rocked with unprecedented changes in the 21st Century, with increasing regulation (e.g., Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, FATCA) and increasing use of cutting edge technology (e.g., high-speed trading, advanced simulations). Inflectra has the tools to help you develop, test and manage your software assets, ensure compliance and minimize risk.


Financial institutions make money predominantly by collecting interest on loans, by buying and selling securities, or by charging fees & commissions – not by developing software – and consequently, Financial Services systems present unique challenges for software developers and testers.

Regulatory Compliance

In addition to the usual testing requirements that ensure that a system works in accordance with its requirements (functional testing), handles the prescribed load (performance testing) and is secure (vulnerability testing), financial systems have to meet a whole host of constantly changing regulations from organizations that include the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), European Central Bank (ECB), the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Since 2001 alone, there have been myriad changes to financial laws: Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, Dodd-Franks, to name a few. Each time these changes in the regulatory landscape require changes to test plans, validation procedures and system requirements.

SpiraTest from Inflectra provides the premier solution for managing all of your requirements, test cases and validation scenarios in a central, easy to manage repository. With SpiraTest, you can stay on top of the changes and manage them rather than them managing you!


When there is a breach in a website or consumer application it is bad enough, but when there is a security breach in a financial service system, the costs and regulatory damage can literally ‘break the bank’. When you need tools to help you keep track of your security requirements, testing activities and associated defects, SpiraTest is your best choice for test management with its built-in version control and audit-log, you can see who made changes to each artifact in the system.

Securing the codebase is another key ingredient to prevent security beaches and vulnerabilities. With SpiraPlan, you can see real-time traceability between each change in the code base and the associated requirement, task or defect that made the change necessary. This real-time traceability lets you find unauthorized code changes and prevent security vulnerabilities before they happen.

Transaction Processing

When you are dealing with testing financial transactions containing large volumes of highly precise data, manual testing doesn’t cut it anymore. When you need to automate your system testing, our Rapisetest automation platform is ready to help. Rapise has been built from the ground-up to support the testing of desktop, web and mobile applications in a single easy to use platform. Now you can use the same tool to test the back-office systems and the mobile applications used by customers in the same set of transactions.

Complex Algorithms

With the rise of high-speed trading and automated trading platforms, you need testing solutions that can handle large volumes of real-time data. With our Rapiseautomated testing platform you have a system that can handle the load. With its powerful support for data-driven testing, built-in mathematical libraries and easy extensibility, Rapise is your best choice when you need to test and validate complex algorithms.

Speed and Agility

Speed, both in the development process, and in the systems themselves. Financial software needs to be released quickly and need to work speedily because trading in the financial markets is a race among competing firms. Our SpiraTeam application lifecycle management software has been designed for agile processes from day one. With SpiraTeam you have a system that makes the requirements management process a fluid and dynamic experience, with real-time dashboards and visual planning boards to enable real-time collaborative planning and prioritization.

Domain Expertise

Business knowledge is important for testers in any domain, but particularly in financial services, where the business itself and technology are becoming increasingly intertwined. Our partner network includes industry partners that understand your business and can help many any implementation of tools a success.

Here are some representative customers:

Customer Name Country
ABM Data Systems Ireland
Ace Metrix United States
AGA International (Switzerland) Switzerland
Air Bank Czech Republic
Aisling Software Ltd. Ireland
Allegient Systems United States
AMF Pension Sweden
Analyse Design cc GmbH Germany
Aon Belgium Belgium
Arquia Spain
ASI Business Solutions, Inc. United States
Asset Management International, LLC United States
Ausmaq Limited Australia
Autbank Brazil
Ayudhya Capital Services Co. Ltd. Thailand
AZL NV Netherlands
Baloise Insurance Group Switzerland
Bank DnB NORD A/S Denmark
Bankhaus August Lenz Germany
BankservAfrica South Africa
BAWAG P.S.K. AG Austria
Belyer Insurance Ltd. Canada
Blackbird Holdings, Inc. United States
Brilliance Financial Technology Australia
Bureau Krediet Registratie Netherlands
BusinessTech Pty Ltd Australia
Capita Business Services Ltd United Kingdom
Capitec Bank South Africa
Cashpoint Agentur & IT-Service GmbH Austria
Ceyoniq Technology GmbH Germany
Chase Bank Kenya Kenya
Choicelinx United States
Chopper Trading, LLC United States
Clearstream Banking AG Germany
CMC Markets Digital Options GmbH Austria
Countrywide United Kingdom
Credigistics Corporation United States
Crossknowledge France
Dan-Ejendomme as Denmark
DAO Emerging Technologies United States
Delta Lloyd Bank Belgium
Deutsche Bundesbank IT Dept 101 Germany
Deutsche Investment Management Americas Inc. United States
eCash Solutions South Africa
EFTSolutions Australia
Eigenhaard Netherlands
Elian Fiduciary Shared Services Limited Jersey
Encore Discovery Solutions United States
Equity Group Holdings Kenya
Exane United Kingdom
FirstMerit Bank United States
FIS United States
Fiserv India Pvt Ltd India
Galileo Processing United States
Generali Belgium Belgium
Generali Versicherungen Switzerland
GERS France
Global Business Consulting Argentina
Global Collect Services BV Netherlands
Global eSolutions (HK) Ltd. Hong Kong
Hill Dickinson LLP United Kingdom
HomeTelos United States
Information Mosaic Ireland
infostrait services bv Netherlands
Insure Pro Technologies United States
IOOF Australia
Julius Baer Germany
LeasePlan (Schweiz) AG Switzerland
LeasePlan Corporation Netherlands
LFS Financial Systems GmbH Germany
Liberty Mutual Hong Kong
liberty mutual company limited China
LIM United States
Lucsan Capital Australia
M3 Accounting Services, Inc. United States
Magyar Nemzeti Bank Hungary
Med James, Inc. United States
mHave Software Ltda. Brazil
Mishcon de Reya United Kingdom
National Consumer Panel United States
NEPC United States
Ness Czech s.r.o. Czech Republic
Northpointe United States
NorthStar United States
Numeric Investors United States
Nykredit Denmark
Octo Consulting Group, Inc. United States
Open Scan Technologies, Inc. United States
PayTel S.A. Poland
Perfect Commerce United States
Pillar Administration Australia
Pinpoint Pty Ltd Australia
Principal Financial Group United States
ProfitStreams LLC United States
Progrator|gatetrade Denmark
PVT South Africa
Q-Factory Oy Finland
QSuper Limited Australia
RedBlack Software United States
Risk Wizard Australia
ROSnet United States
RSN Risk Solution Network AG Switzerland
Russell Investments United States
Sabrefish Ltd United Kingdom
Safe Banking Systems United States
SCOR Services Switzerland AG Switzerland
SimCorp Denmark
SLIB France
SmartyPig United States
Society Insurance United States
Sodexo Belgium
Soflab Technology Sp. z o.o. Poland
Source Insurance Ltd United Kingdom
Swift Advances plc United Kingdom
Swiss Life AG Switzerland
The Rise Group United States
ThetaSP Malaysia
Think Money Group United Kingdom
Trade Service United States
Trask Solutions a.s. Czech Republic
Tryg Forsikring A/S Denmark
UBS AG United Kingdom
Vanquis Bank Limited United Kingdom
Veritas Elakevakuutus Oy Finland
ViVOTech, Inc. United States
Wood Mackenzie United Kingdom
Worksmart Ltd United Kingdom