Robotic Process Automation

with Rapise & SpiraTeam

Robotic Process Automation is the automation of repetitive business tasks using common business applications such as Microsoft Office, ERP platforms, CRM tools, and Legacy mainframe applications without coding or programming.

Unlike traditional business process automation tools, RPA tools connect to the user interface of the applications, simulating the user actions to complete the business tasks. This means they don't need programmers or APIs to automate the tasks.

Example: Automating Microsoft Dynamics NAV

You can use Rapise to automate day-to-day processes within a company to free your employees for more creative and productive jobs. Imagine you have data from a third-party system in an Excel file and you want to import it into Dynamics NAV instance. A job that could take days by hand, takes minutes with Rapise.

Example: Automating Microsoft Dynamics AX

Rapise can be used to automate many different ERP systems, for example, with Microsoft Dynamics AX, it can load in a set of vendors, categories and items in a single operation. It simply records the actions performed once by a user, and replays it back reliably and repetitively, dramatically reducing the time and cost.

Example: Automating AS/400 over 3270

You can use Rapise to automate legacy mainframe 'green-screen' enterprise systems as well. Using a choice of different 3270 terminal emulators, Rapise can connect to mainframe systems such as AS/400 to automate common business processes.

Example: Automating CRM

Rapise can be used to automate many different CRM systems, for example, with, we can load in new sales prospects and leads from an external source (e.g. scanned using a conference lead capture tool). Salesforce has API usage constraints that limit the number of calls third-party systems can make. Rapise can integrate Salesforce and other systems at the UI level instead.

Rapidly Adapts to Your Applications

Rapise is designed around a core platform of tools for recording actions, managing process data, and playback of tasks. Beyond that it consists of an extensible set of libraries that can be extended by Inflectra to meet your needs. Whereas most RPA tools take months to adapt to new processes and systems, Rapise can be extended in days.

Process Orchestration with SpiraTeam

One of the big advantages of the Inflectra RPA platform is that you can orchestrate and monitor your business processes in real-time. Rapise connects seamlessly to our SpiraTeam orchestration and reporting center. This lets you orchestrate processes remotely and monitor the process execution from anywhere in the world.

Powerful Reporting and Real-time Analytics

SpiraTeam is a highly-scalable planning and analysis platform enabling planning, scaling robotic tasks across numerous hosts, and analyzing the results from overview level, right down to the task step level. SpiraTeam has world-class customizable reporting with the ability to create custom dashboards in seconds.

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