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The Government and Defense industries have unique challenges in providing large scale systems (GOTS, COTS, bespoke and C4ISR systems) that have to be easy to use, highly scalable, secure and fault tolerant whilst following statutory methodologies such as DOD 5000 and OMB 300. Inflectra has many customers amongst governments, law enforcement and national security agencies using our products to ensure high quality systems are delivered every time.

Systems Development with DOD 5000

All design, development and acquisition of new systems (hardware, software, platforms, communications, etc.) within the United States Department of Defense (DoD) follows the DOD 5000 acquisition lifecycle process:

The DoD 5000 process provides a set of best practices and associated documentation that needs to be used for companies that are designing information systems that will be used within the DoD or any of the armed services (e.g. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps).

The DoD 5000 documents the processes that needs to be followed by each of these activities:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Software Acquisition Management
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Project and Program Management

Inflectra provides its customers in the Defense community with powerful tools to perform each of these activities with complete traceability across the entire acquisition lifecycle:

Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering (SE) Process controls the total system development effort for the purpose of achieving an optimum balance of all system elements. It is designed to translate operational need and/or requirements into a system.

SpiraTeam provides a complete requirements and system engineering platform to capture and analyze your requirements and plan the development and testing activities that will need to take place to translate the requirements into components and ultimately a functioning system:

Test and Evaluation

Test and Evaluation (T&E) is the process by which a system or components are compared against requirements and specifications through testing. The results are evaluated to assess progress of design, performance, and supportability.

SpiraTest from Inflectra is the only system commercially available that provides both test coverage of components at the test case and test step level:

Specifically, traceability of requirements to the individual test steps is required for mission systems where the individual actions performed need to be tied back to the original specifications and requirements:

Project and Program Management

Within the DoD methodology, cost, schedule, performance, and risk define the basic dimensions of program management that need to be managed. SpiraTeam provides a complete project and program management capability, fully integrated into the systems engineering lifecycle that lets you manage your schedule, objectives, performance and risk:

IT Management with OMB 300

Within the US Government, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Exhibit 300 defines the way in which Government agencies need to plan, budget and acquire and manage all of their IT assets.

Each year, Government agencies submit to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) a Capital Asset Plan and Business Case—the exhibit 300—to justify each request for a major information technology (IT) investment. The exhibit’s content reflects controls that agencies have established to ensure good project management, as well as showing that they have defined cost, schedule, and performance goals. It is thus a tool to help OMB and agencies identify and correct poorly planned or performing investments.

Inflectra provides Government customers with the best tools to more easily manage their portfolio of projects and ensure that sound project management practices are in place

Specifically, SpiraTeam provides real-time project dashboards that let all stakeholders have an up to the minute view into the cost, schedule and performance of the project as well as have insight into the key project issues and risks that have been identified.

Furthermore, the program portfolio views in SpiraTeam let the executive leadership of the agencies have a single unified dashboard of all their projects in one integrated view.

Here are some representative customers:

Customer Name Country
Alpha Technology Systems United States
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission Australia
Bildungs-, Kultur- und Sportdirektion Baselland Switzerland
Booz Allen Hamilton United States
booz allen hamilton United States
CAA South Central Ontario Canada
Cairns Regional Council ( Australia
CIRB Belgium
City of Grand Rapids United States
Civil Aviation Authority United Kingdom
Columbus Water Works United States
Consejeria de Medio Ambiente y Ordenacion del Terr Spain
CRFS Ltd United Kingdom
DEA United States
Dept of Environment, Climate Change & Water Australia
DET Australia
Etegent Technologies Ltd United States
Fermilab United States
Gemeente Amsterdam Netherlands
Government of Yukon Canada
Idaho National Lab - BEA United States
Irish Revenue Commissioners Ireland
JPM IS United States
Kentrade Kenya
Leidos United States
Maanmittauslaitos/Kehittämiskeskus Finland
Marston Group Ltd United Kingdom
MECAR Belgium
Miami-Dade Government Information Center United States
Ministerie van Justitie/IND Netherlands
New Zealand Lakes District Health Board New Zealand
Oregon Department of Human Services United States
Oregon State Lottery United States
Politiets IKT-tjenester Norway
PostNL Holding BV Netherlands
Raad voor Rechtsbijstand Netherlands
Residential Tenancies Authority of Queensland Australia
Roads and Maritime Services Australia
SAIC United States
Serco Home Affairs United Kingdom
SIGI Luxembourg
Strategic Analysis, Inc. United States
Sussex Police, UK United Kingdom
Tasmania DHHS Australia
The Rules Guys, Inc. United States
Unitywater Australia
US Navy United States
USN: Naval Air Warfare Center (NAVAIR) United States
Utenriksdepartementet Norway
VicRoads Australia
Virginia Workers Compensation Commission United States