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Take Your Customer Support to the Next Level

Are you drowning in customer emails and support tickets? Are you struggling to keep up your customers needs? Do you wish you could improve customer satisfaction while at the same time reducing your support costs?

KronoDesk® is an integrated customer support system that includes help desk ticketing, customer support forums and an online knowledge base in a single user interface.

KronoDesk Help Desk Tickets

Powerful Help Desk Ticket Management

KronoDesk® includes a powerful and flexible help desk ticketing system that can be quickly and easily tailored to meet your support needs. With support for custom fields and workflows you can create different support processes for your different products.

KronoDesk makes it easy for your customers to attach files and screenshots with their tickets making it easy for your support agents to reproduce issues and help your customers.

KronoDesk Support Forums

Integrated Forums and Knowledge Base

Are your support personnel spending too much time responding to the same enquiries? Do you want to build a community around your products?

KronoDesk® provides a knowledge base and online support forums. making your customers more self-sufficient with routine issues so that your support personnel can focus their time on the critical issues and complex enquiries.

KronoDesk Dashboard

Get Information Right at Your Fingertips!

KronoDesk® provides personalized dashboards for both your customers and support personnel.

The customer dashboard provides a single view for your customers to see new knowledge base articles, recent forum posts and all their open tickets .

The support agent dashboard provides a consolidated view for your support personnel to see all their assigned tickets, and unanswered forum posts.

Fully Integrated Into Your Application Lifecycle

Using KronoDesk with SpiraTeam

When used with SpiraTeam you can integrate your customer support into your software development lifecycle. Each KronoDesk ticket can generate new items in SpiraTeam so that customer requests can be seamlessly added to the product backlog.

KronoDesk works seamlessly with SpiraTeam to provide an end-to-end flow of information from your customers to your developers and product managers.

Fulfilling Support Needs Through Help Desk & Service Management Software:

Help Desk

Support Forums

Knowledge Base

Make Your Customers Happy

For your customers, KronoDesk® provides a single, easy to use destination for all their support needs. When they arrive with a problem, question or enquiry, KronoDesk will direct them to relevant knowledge base articles, suggest helpful discussion threads and provide self-service solutions so that they can find a wide range of immediate solutions and suggestions.

For those enquiries that do not match an existing article or have not yet been discussed in a support forum, KronoDesk will direct the customer to log a help desk ticket. The system provides an easy-to-use help desk submission form that gathers the appropriate information to ensure a speedy resolution of the problem. The customer can use their personalized dashboard to view the status of their help desk tickets and provide additional information as requested by the support agents.

For those customers that prefer to use email, KronoDesk provides powerful email integration functionality that can intelligently read incoming emails and generate new help desk tickets as well as add comments to existing open tickets.

Empower Your Support Agents

For your support agents, KronoDesk® eliminates the time and effort spent checking separate systems for help desk tickets, support requests and forum posts. Using the customizable agent dashboard, they can view all their assigned tickets, monitor incoming forum posts and check for new tickets all from the same screen.

To reduce the time and effort spent dealing with routine enquiries, the agents can use KronoDesk to create knowledge base articles, FAQs, whitepapers and forum posts to document common problems and the possible solutions.

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It provides all the functionality that is needed to run a helpdesk off of and for the tracking, assigning, and communication of problems for customers. It also provides forums and a knowledge base so customers may browse similar or the same problem and find a solution before the helpdesk is required.

- Eric Bailey - SMS Inc.