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Customer Testimonials for SpiraTest

Here is a selection of recent testimonials from our customers:

Best value for money in terms of test management

The value for money and the quality of the product that we are getting goes way beyond our expectations. also it integrates easily with Jira so it really assists in test management and bug tracking. maintenance and user support is easy they typically respond quickly and they always have answers for our queries. The best thing about them is that they take feedback very seriously and over the years i have seen improvements to the product from these feedback that they get.

It is a cheaper option to other test management tools and the value gotten after implementation is the best in the market. The learning curve is not steep, you can have users adopting as early as one month after implementation.

Since 2014 we have been trying to move from the manual process of testing. We were using excel for bug tracking and reporting spiratest has made it very easy for us to track and manage our testing in house it has made life easier and we accomplish more.

- Victor S., Software Testing and Quality Assurance at Equity Bank Limited

"Allows a great deal of functionality at a decent price point"

I have used several testing softwares, and SPIRA works very well at organizing test cases and test steps. Love the Excel tie-in for easy import/export of test cases. Allows a great deal of functionality at a decent price point. Ev

Pros: Excel Add-In allows authoring and exporting test cases/steps in Excel. Provides a great deal of metrics. We're using it for requirements and the requirements to components to test case structure is highly flexible.

- Evelyn Gifford, Business Analyst at Aurora Organic Dairy

"It is very intuitive and easy to learn"

Apart from bugs reporting and tracking, which are obvious features for test management tool, these are the important features:

We came from Excel and mindmaps to using the professional management tool, thus there were plenty of benefits. Out of the blue, we were able to link issues with requirements, hold the history of test runs, differentiate results in regards to release, provide complex reports. The organization finally became organised.

This is the biggest plus. I'd rate it 10/10. For the whole time I was using SpiraTest, I had an impression of being the only customer which counts. They answered even the most naive questions, patiently explained everything, went ste by step with more complex issues, even helped to fix corrupted database. If I were to recommend SpiraTest to others, I'd start with excellent technical support!I worked with TestLink, free tool not comparable with SpiraTest, in advance to the latter. Never evaluated any test management tool.

- Radoslaw Rozkowinski, Senior Test Engineer

"Very satisfied about using Spiratest"

We are very satisfied about using Spiratest for our test activities as SAAS solution. Our experience about the communication with Inflectra Is that the response is very quick and they have always the right solution.

- Berend Sibon and Rachid Ajdid, PostNL

"Good Test Tool plus Excellent Support"

Having undertaken a lot of research, I found SpiraTest to be a very good balance of cost vs. functionality. The trial period proved very useful to truly test that the product met all our needs. Also, as the trial version could be included in our purchased copy, we didn't lose any of the data we'd input. I found the support team to be excellent, they replied quickly and cheerfully to all my questions and was one of the deciding factors in buying this product. 

Flexible, easy to use system Offers integration with other products Provides a lot of functionality, some of which we will use at once and some we can introduce gradually.

- Sandie Vivian, Test Manager

"SpiraTest is hugely superior in value"

"I come from more than a decade in Quality Assurance and I normally use Mercury Test Director or QTP. I am sure if you touted out feature lists one of the big guys would win and maybe a little bit in usability. I looked at more than a dozen products and the bottom line is that SpiraTest is hugely superior in value over everything I evaluated. We installed 9 months ago after an extended trial where we used it on a small cycled project. The staff was a tremendous help and a big part of our decision. We manage testing cycles for various projects across many departments. We are able to train quickly and let people take over as their own project owners in many cases and just stay in touch and help them along the way. Other projects we manage internally. One repository already has 13,000 test cases in it from a previous software import."

- Chris Deaton, ASU

"I advise everybody to use SpiraTest"

In our company we began using SpiraTest to run our automated tests and also getting the test run results both for manual and automated tests. It's quite powerful. Short time ago I had some difficulties on integrating Selenium WebDriver tests to SpiraTest. I wrote emails directly to Inflectra and in a very short time they answered with some advices. It didn't work at first sight, so I wrote back and they replied quite quickly. Customer Service is great, they don't stop till giving you the right answer. I advise everybody to use SpiraTest.

- Bilge Vebilge, Gosb

"Easy and intuitive to learn with helpful documentation and exceptionally prompt support"

Quite different from Test Director that we had been using so obviously need to get used to it, but as it is so easy and intuitive to learn, and not too difficult to soon remember how to do things without having to refer to any documentation, it is hopefully going to be quite straightforward to use.

All the documentation provided has been very useful and easy to follow and I have found the support to be exceptional, with all of my queries being automatically logged pretty instantly and answers provided within 24 hours without exception, I believe.

I even found it easy to follow the instructions to install the Import/Export Excel add-on and successfully exported a test and test steps into SpiraTest on the first attempt!

No issues at all so far that I can think of! :-)

- Celeste Coles, QA Manager, STA Travel

"The customer support was fantastic."

SpiraTest was initially implemented for our largest IT project at Amec Foster Wheeler (Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009/2012). Prior to SpiraTest, spreadsheets were being used to control test collateral. Bringing SpiraTest in, provided immediate benefits in the area of test visibility, reporting capabilities, audibility and overall clarity of the testing effort.

The customer support was fantastic. Inflectra were always able to provide excellent guidance and resolution to most issues/technical questions asked - where they were unable to provide details at the time, a response would always be issued within a day.

Prior to SpiraTest we were testing and reporting through spreadsheets. Reporting itself was taking between an hour and two hours per day for a designated resource. Extrapolated out, this immediately becomes a silly number of hours wasted putting a report together. Once the tool was implemented, and real-time reporting was possibly, we no longer needed to waste two hours of test resources to pull together the report.

- Consultant for Amec Foster Wheeler

"Does a good job of meeting our needs for software testing"

We've been using Spira for several years, and it does a good job of meeting our needs for software testing. We like the tracking system for test cases and releases, and it makes it easy to track results against our test requirements. The reporting is straightforward, and we can copy test cases from one project to the next, which is huge for us. We can also use it with Word, a capability that's proven advantageous for a number of our teams.

- Barb Peretz, QA Manager

"Outstanding Products and Service"

Inflectra products continue to impress us with their capabilities and value. Their technical service is top notch- always responsive and spot-on in resolving any issues.

- Danny Durham of Agile Software Test LLC

"Products meet all our needs"

We have testing our health systems with trial SpiraTest and SpiraTeam amd these products meet all our needs, and We found will be a very good balance of cost and functionality and the support team of Inflectra Sales is excellent. They replied all my questions and issues with the SpiraTeam instalation.

- Raul Liberal

"Easy to use test management software"

SpiraTest is an easy to use application and offers complete end-to-end software QA lifeccycle management capabilities. Easy to install. Self-explanatory and quick to learn. Good value proposition considering the breath of functionality and integration capabilities

- Chetan Shah of QualitaSoft

"Very efficient and effective product"

Good and very useful application for managing testing. I would recommend it for everyone. Useful in managing multiple projects and groups. Our team members like the application and we are able to track progress. From the click of a button, I am able to know what everyone is working on.

- Silas Oswe of Kentrade.

"Fantastic Piece of Software"

I'll keep this short as i don't think i need to write paragraphs. This is a fantastic piece of software, it was easy to put in place on our own server, has run faultlessly since its initial setup and any problems we encountered were taken care of by Inflectra's support very quickly.

Allows multiple ways to setup tests to match different workflows. provides a very good reporting overview to help clarify what is going on with testing.

- Kristiaan Davies

"Easy to Use, Easy to Configure"

I have used spiratest within a few companies I have worked for now within the testing realm. I find it easy to use, easy to configure and shape the product to your needs. All round it does the job and easy to facilitate and manage the system. Only useful feature that in my opinion is missing at present is the requirements configuration. It would be really nice to shape the processes how you see fit like the incident configuration management.

Otherwise the product is great.

- Kristiaan Davies of Impellam Group

"Working synchronisation with JIRA"

Spiratest is a complete test management software that works well together with JIRA. We were looking for a test management software that can be used together with our locally hosted JIRA system and for a specific project. We couldn't install a test management plugin and a local installation of a test management solution was either too expensive or to complex. Spiratest Hosted Service offers the possibility to synchronize with a local JIRA via a desktop tool. With the help of Inflectra support we got it running.

Have a complete test management solution for the time needed - Working synchronisation with JIRA - Easy-to-install desktop utility for synchronisation - low setup and operating costs.

- Peter

"Value for Money"

SpiraTest is pretty close and comparable with Test Management Tools that cost per month as much as SpiraTest cost per year. It is probably the best value for money solution in the market Very good and always prompt responses out of Inflectra support

- Sakis Ladopoulos, Test Manager

"Good ... really good."

We are using Spiratest for two years now, it helped in documenting and storing our tests. Quite easy to use, full traceability of actions.

Using the web solution of Spiratest I'm very satisfied, easy to use, self maintaining and encompassing a broad range of solutions.

- B. Suter

"...The best project management test app I have ever seen. It almost completely outshines Software Planner, and it puts Quality Center to shame for features and useability vs. price. Workflow can be linked from requirements to incidents, and it can connect to your automated testing software."

Our consulting firm needed an app to manage development and testing projects for our consulting firm's multiple clients.

All in all, I highly recommend SpiraTest for its ability to manage and link all essential project management features and functions in one, simple, complete, easily accessible application whose features far outweigh its price.

- Howard Coons of Aculis Inc.

As a professional HPQC user and admin, this tool blows it out of the water based on usability to cost. A tool to be reckoned with.

- Ray Scott of Litle & co

"...based on my experience with this tool and with Test Director, I believe that this tool would be the way to go. Especially from an ROI perspective. For a QA Test Management solution, it seems like it will be excellent."

- Alex Kucharczyk of Validity Sensors Inc.

"...SpiraTest is very good investment with ease of installation and great customer support. As a SQA engineer who has utilized the top software testing tools for years I find SpiraTest is up to the task.

It provides an integrated framework and environment to begin and complete project coverage from requirements to reports without getting lost in the middle. The price alone justifies the purchase, but when you add the excellent Technical Support it can't be beaten. This tool is comparable to tools costing many thousands of dollars more..."

- Abdullah Hamza of Danfoss

Very rich functionality, close to HP Quality Center, in some areas even better Excellent customer support, bug fixes and enhancements available, features requested by customers are implemented Very affordable price Easy to implement, no complex software / hardware pre-requisites, an average Windows user can manage to install Easy to understand functionality, very little training required, most of the features user friendly.

- Anna Lucovsky of Valor

"...Since we are a small company, we cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on a single license for requirements/test case management and defect tracking software. Inflectra gave us a free trial and treated us like a paying customer. Having used other tools, we liked them, but just simply could not justify their price. SpiraTest is easier to use and for the affordable price for a 5-user license, this product beats those other tools hands down.

The technical support is superb. They want your business and they will do what is necessary to get it and keep it. I discovered a couple of minor issues and I was given new files within hours to correct the problem. We are a young company with a new product and this tool is going to allow us to provide the level of excellence that Inflectra has provided us - without breaking the bank..."

- James Bruno of Dreadlogic Technologies

"...I would like on behalf of Conversive to express my thanks to your professionalism, timely responses and all support you have been providing to us since the time we took SpiraTest into test run. This is greatly appreciated and makes everyone here at Conversive confident that we have chosen a great product for our QA needs and that we will be using it for many years to come..."

- Ivan Milosevic of Conversive, Inc.

"...It completely what I needed. Requirements Management, Test Management, and Bug-Tracking in one bottle! The low price of SpiraTest make it far beyond the frontier. Other more tools are much more high-priced, but do the same and many unnecessary things. If you have a testing team of about 5-7 employees - i have to recomend SpiraTest..."

- Сергей Балыков - Manufacturing Company

"...SpiraTest has been evaluated and used by us for a number of months and has delivered requested links to JIRA and automated testing tools, often earlier than scheduled. While they, Infectra Corp, are located in the USA (just outside Washington DC) support and responses to our questions have been impeccable."

- Jack Hombroek - Australian Government Agency