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Accelerating Agile Project Delivery

When better software planning and project delivery is required, Inflectra provides the solution. SpiraPlan offers the features you need to streamline your project management methodology and attain the level of productivity and on-time, on-budget you need in today's competitive marketplace.

SpiraPlan® manages your project's requirements, user stories, tasks, bugs and issues in one integrated environment, with full traceability throughout the development lifecycle.

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Tired of Separate Project Planning and Issue-Tracking Tools?

SpiraPlan is a complete Project Management System in one package, that manages your project's requirements, releases, iterations, tasks and bugs/issues in one place. Fully web-based and enterprise ready.

SpiraPlan is an open platform that can connect to your existing source code repositories and integate with the tools already used by your developers.

SpiraPlan Project Dashboard

Get Information Right at Your Fingertips!

SpiraPlan® provides integrated dashboards of key project health and status information.

SpiraPlan® provides reporting dashboards of key project progress and risk indicators - task progress, effort slippage, project velocity, task burndown/burnup, top risk and issues – in one consolidated view that is tailor-made for agile methodologies as well as supporting your legacy/hybrid waterfall projects.

Throw off the Shackles of Outdated Methodologies

Agile Methodology

As described in the Agile Manifesto, traditional waterfall software methodologies have failed to delivery projects on-time and on-budget. In addition, many systems built this way will fail to provide the expected business value as there is no ability to refine the requirements as the project progresses.

SpiraPlan is a complete agile management system that synchronizes your project's requirements, iterations, tasks and issues in one place.

Embrace Change with Agile Project Management

SpiraPlan Iteration/Sprint Planning

Software development has been transformed by the new Agile methodologies such as Scrum, XP, DSDM and Kanban. However the traditional tools of project management are too cumbersome and not well suited. SpiraTeam's Agile Planning Board is perfect for team meetings with color-coding and simpledrag-and-drop editing.

SpiraPlan has been designed specifically to support agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, XP, Scrum, DSDM and AUP, allowing teams to manage all their information in one environment.

Project Tracking & Task Management Software for Better Agile Management

As a complete agile project management, SpiraPlan provides the following features:

Project Scoping

  • Develop high-level requirements with initial estimates
  • Create notional project schedule with major releases
  • Prioritize and schedule requirements for each release
  • Determine resourcing levels to deliver required features

Planning & Scheduling

  • Decompose requirements into detailed task breakdown
  • Allocate requirements to iterations based on detailed task estimates
  • Assign requirements, tasks and incidents using Agile planning board
  • Load-balance project resources to maximize project velocity

Tracking & Reporting

How To Use SpiraPlan

At the initial stages of a project, the project manager will use SpiraPlan in conjunction with the business users to determine the initial high level scope of the project, the key features and requirements. Working with the technical team, the project manager can begin to develop a high level release schedule and assign initial priorities and work estimates to the different features.

Once the project is underway, the combined business and technical team work together to develop the iteration plan for the releases, break up the features into discrete stories and tasks and begin assigning the items to the individual iterations. During development as the team work to complete the various tasks and stories, the system will track changes in the actual effort to determine if the plan needs to be rebalanced to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery.

SpiraPlan Key Resources

SpiraPlan is the most flexible agile software project planning and management system.

We know that you already have investments in other systems, so SpiraPlan will maximize your investment in those systems with its open architecture and library of add-ons:

  • Integrated Development Environments
    SpiraPlan is fully integrated into your developers' IDEs, allowing them to view and manage their assigned requirements, tasks and incidents in the same environment that they write code. SpiraPlan has add-ins currently available for Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse (using the Mylyn task-based interface).
  • Software Configuration Management
    SpiraPlan allows you to have a single, unified view of your various source code repositories in an easy-to-use web user interface. In addition you can link commits/check-ins in the SCM tool to artifacts in SpiraPlan to provide code-level traceability of changes. The repositories supported include: Subversion, CVS, VSS and Microsoft Team System.
  • Requirements Management Systems
    SpiraPlan includes a fully-featured requirements management module that allows you to capture and manage your products requirements, features and use-cases. However if you already have a requirements management tool in use, SpiraPlan is able to integrate with the major requirements systems on the market (including RequisitePro and Enterprise Architect).
  • Other Bug-Tracking Systems
    Although SpiraPlan comes with a world-class built-in, fully-integrated bug-tracking system, we recognize that you may already have an existing solution. SpiraPlan will integrate with the major bug-tracking systems (including Jira, Bugzilla, Mantis, Microsoft Team System, Fogbugz,...) with a data-synchronization system that is completely seamless to the end-user.

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Our Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be fully satisfied with SpiraPlan that we offer a 30-day, unconditional, money back guarantee!

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"...The product does an outstanding job on collecting the information needed to manage projects both large and small. The application has a good road map for future enhancements and helps me manage my projects without the normal amount of effort."

- Bill Owens of Affiliated Resource Group

About Inflectra

At Inflectra, we are fully committed to providing our clients with the best planning and software testing methodologies available. We are a privately held software company that works with large corporations, small businesses, professional firms, agencies and more to affordably and effectively manage the software testing life cycle. It is our mission to expedite the time to market and increase return on investment for our clients.

We invite potential clients to explore what SpiraPlan has to offer their operation. If further information is required, please contact us directly at sales@inflectra.com. We are here to answer any questions and show you just how effectively SpiraPlan agile project management software can enhance your productivity. As always, we are fully committed to providing the best in customer service not only as you explore what SpiraTest can do for your organization, but long after installation.