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Is Your Testing Process in Chaos?

When your company requires better software testing methodologies, there are a lot of choices in the marketplace. However, if you want the best in software application testing, there is only one solution.

SpiraTest® delivers the features, performance and speed to make the software testing life cycle more productive and efficient that using any other system available today.

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Tired of Separate Requirements, Testing and Bug-Tracking Tools?

Instead of having to buy separate requirements management, bug tracking and testing tools,
SpiraTest® provides a complete quality assurance testing solution in one package.

SpiraTest® manages your project's requirements, test cases, bugs and issues in one integrated environment, with full traceability throughout the testing lifecycle.

SpiraTest Project Dashboard

Get Information Right at Your Fingertips!

SpiraTest® provides integrated dashboards of key project health and status information.

Requirements test coverage, test case execution, test progress, issue summaries, bug counts, defect aging – in one consolidated view.

Software test management has never been more complete or more powerful.

Are Your Sure That All Your Requirements Have Been Tested?

SpiraTest Requirements Coverage

Wouldn't you like to be able to know how many of your requirements have actually been tested. SpiraTest® provides full requirements traceability and test coverage.

With SpiraTest®, you can drill down from each of your captured requirements to determine how many test cases have successfully validated the functionality. Using the integrated bug-tracker you can trace the bugs back to the source requirements.

Manage Your Manual and Automated Testing in One System

SpiraTest Automated & Manual Testing

Using Inflectra's RemoteLaunch™ technology you can manage an entire global test lab from a central SpiraTest server, with automated test sets being executed using a variety of different automation technologies 24/7.

With SpiraTest's open architecture, you can schedule and track manual testing in the same environment as your automated tests - with plugs available for the best of breed test automation tools such as Rapise, QuickTestPro, TestComplete, Squish and Selenium.

Test Management Tools and Bug Tracking Software

As a complete quality assurance and test management system, SpiraTest has the following features:

  • Link bugs to test steps during test execution for full test traceability.
  • Drill down from requirements to tests and incidents
  • Personalized dashboards and customizable reporting
  • Web-based graphs and reports to show how quality assurance software testing is performing

How To Use SpiraTest

For the project manager, the SpiraTest software application testing program provides the ability to create, edit and manage your project's requirements in a hierarchical requirements matrix where the high-level business requirements can be decomposed into the appropriate system requirements. Each of your requirements are mapped to one or more test cases that can be used to validate that your functionality works as expected - providing real-time requirements test coverage.

For the tester, SpiraTest provides the ability to execute test sets containing predefined groups of test cases (along with their test steps) so that the testers can follow the instructions and determine if the system being tested behaves as expected. Any deviations from expected behavior can then be recorded as defects and managed in the built-in defect tracking module. This allows quality assurance software testing activities to be performed exactly as specified by the project manager.

SpiraTest Key Resources

SpiraTest is in use today at hundreds of organizations in the following industries:

  • Energy and Industrial
  • Financial and Business Services
  • Government, Education & Non-Profit
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Transportation and Hospitality
  • Information Technology

SpiraTest is the most flexible quality assurance and software test management system.

We know that you already have investments in other systems, so SpiraTest will maximize your investment in those systems with its open architecture and library of add-ons:

  • Automated Testing Tools
    SpiraTest can manage your automated test scripts as well as your manual test cases. Using our RemoteLaunch technology, SpiraTest can launch test scripts using any automation engine, including Rapise, QuickTest Pro, TestComplete, Selenium and Squish.
  • Unit Testing Frameworks
    The first stage of ensuring a quality software product is to ensure that the development process makes use of automated, repeatable unit tests. SpiraTest can integrate with all the major xUnit unit test frameworks to ensure that all features are being adequately covered.
  • Requirements Management Systems
    SpiraTest includes a fully-featured requirements management module that allows you to capture and manage your products requirements, features and use-cases. However if you already have a requirements management tool in use, SpiraTest is able to integrate with the major requirements systems on the market (including RequisitePro and Enterprise Architect).
  • External Bug-Tracking Systems
    Although SpiraTest comes with a world-class built-in, fully-integrated bug-tracking system, we recognize that you may already have an existing solution. SpiraTest will integrate with the major bug-tracking systems (including Jira, Bugzilla, Mantis, Microsoft Team System, Fogbugz,...) with a data-synchronization system that is completely seamless to the end-user.

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Our Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be fully satisfied with SpiraTest that we offer a 30-day, unconditional, money back guarantee!

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"...The best test management application I have ever seen. It almost completely outshines Software Planner, and it puts Quality Center to shame for features and useability vs. price. Workflow can be linked from requirements to incidents, and it can connect to your automated testing software."

- Howard Coons of Aculis Inc.

About Inflectra

At Inflectra, we are fully committed to providing our clients with the best software testing methodologies available. We are a privately held software company that works with large corporations, small businesses, professional firms, agencies and more to affordably and effectively manage the software testing life cycle. It is our mission to expedite the time to market and increase return on investment for our clients.

We invite potential clients to explore what SpiraTest has to offer their organization. If further information is required, please contact us directly at sales@inflectra.com. We are here to answer any questions and show you just how effectively SpiraTest quality assurance software testing can streamline your operations and enhance productivity. As always, we are fully committed to providing the best in customer service not only as you explore what SpiraTest can do for your organization, but long after installation.