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SpiraTest provides a complete Quality Assurance solution that manages requirements, tests, bugs and issues in one environment, with complete traceability from inception to completion.

SpiraTest comes with a large library of plug-ins and add-ons that allows it to seamlessly integrate with a variety of other systems. To learn more about the different integration options, please click on one of the links below:

Checkmark Automated Testing Tools

SpiraTest can manage your automated test scripts as well as your manual test cases. Using our RemoteLaunch technology, SpiraTest can launch automated test scripts using a variety of functional and performance test tools, both commercial and open-source.

Checkmark Unit Test Frameworks

The first stage of ensuring a quality software product is to ensure that the development process makes use of automated, repeatable unit tests. SpiraTest can integrate with all the major xUnit unit test frameworks to ensure that all features are being adequately covered.

Checkmark Requirements Management Systems

SpiraTest includes a fully-featured requirements management module that allows you to capture and manage your products requirements, features and use-cases. However if you already have a requirements management tool in use, SpiraTest is able to integrate with the major requirements systems on the market.

Checkmark Bug/Defect Trackers

Although SpiraTest comes with a world-class built-in, fully-integrated bug-tracking system, we recognize that you may already have an existing solution in place. SpiraTest will integrate with all the major bug-tracking systems on the market using its data-synchronization infrastructure that is completely seamless to the end-user.

Checkmark Build Servers

SpiraTest includes the ability to integrate with a variety of continuous integration / automated build servers so that the results of automated builds can be displayed in SpiraTest linked to the associated release or iteration. In addition, the results of automated tests can be linked to the build events, providing traceability from a specific build to the bugs that were fixed and tests that were executed.

Checkmark JIRA Integration

When you are looking for a test management system that integrates with the popular JIRA issue-tracker, look no further! SpiraTest comes with a free data-synchronization plugin that will allow you to seamlessly integrate test management with your JIRA installation. Unlike other tools on the market, our integration with JIRA is seamless to the end-user and features full bi-directional data synchronization.

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"...The best test management application I have ever seen. It almost completely outshines Software Planner, and it puts Quality Center to shame for features and useability vs. price. Workflow can be linked from requirements to incidents, and it can connect to your automated testing software."

- Howard Coons of Aculis Inc.