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Amazon Web Services

Cloud Testing with AWS

Rent your virtual test lab from Inflectra using Amazon Web Services.

  • Pay only for the time that you do testing
  • Flexible pricing by machine size and lifespan
  • Globally available in all AWS regions
  • Globally accessible through Remote Desktop and SSH
  • Get up and running in minutes with no installations
  • Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) pre-loaded with all tools
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Virtual Test Lab on-Demand

  • Test your application on multiple platforms and technologies
  • No need to buy hardware, rent as you need
  • Runs on proven Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS services
  • Fully integrated with SpiraTest for management and reporting
  • Add-on additional Amazon AWS services as needed

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Flexible Pricing

  • Instead of purchasing a license outright, just rent as you need
  • Our pricing is aligned with Amazon hourly model starting at $1/hour
  • Pay just for what you use - no monthly or annual fees
  • Our pricing varies according to chosen EC2 instance type
  • Same pricing available in all AWS regions and zones

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Saves You Time

  • Rapise Cloud delivered as pre-installed Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)
  • Each AMI comes with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox pre-loaded
  • Java and other Desktop technologies are pre-installed on each AMI
  • Powerful debugging tools included at no extra cost
  • Connect using Remote Desktop and start testing right away

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