Auto Suggestions

When submitting a new help desk ticket, the system scans the existing knowledge base and makes intelligent suggestions to help the customer. This reduces the number of repetitive help desk enquires that have previously been answered.

Auto-Suggest for Customers

When the user starts to enter the name of the ticket, KronoDesk scans its knowledge base repository for articles that might solve the customers problem, displaying the suggestions directly within the ticket creation screen:

The customer can use the suggestion or simply ignore and submit the ticket if there are no matches.

Auto-Insert for Support Agents

In addition to the intelligence for end users, KronoDesk makes it easy for support agents to insert knowledge base articles into their replies to tickets:

KronoDesk comes with a pre-defined set of formats for the inserted information, including the name and hyperlink, the full article, and the name and abstract. In addition, you can create your own KB article insertion templates:

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