Configuration and Customization

KronoDesk is completely configurable, so that you can tailor the system to match your customer support process. The system lets you setup custom fields, priorities, statuses, types, resolutions and workflows so that you can tailor the product to fit your process and business.

Customized Ticket Fields

You can customize all of the build in ticket fields so that the statuses, priorities, product definitions, resolutions and ticket types match the support processes in your organization.

Ticket Custom Properties

We recognize that every company has different support needs and KronoDesk is designed to allow you to specify custom properties to tailor the information requested from customers. The custom properties can be text, list-based, numeric, booleans, dates or users. The system also allows you to specify the range, validation, length and format of the various fields.

Customized Workflows

A workflow is a predefined sequence of ticket statuses linked together by “workflow transitions” to enable a newly created ticket to be reviewed, prioritized, assigned, resolved and closed, as well as to handle exception cases such as the case of a duplicate or non-reproducible ticket. KronoDesk lets you create different workflows for your different products and services so that the support process can be tailored depending on the subject of the help desk ticket.

Customized Appearance

KronoDesk is quickly and easily configured to display the information you need your customers to see. Without any coding or scripting, you can change the introductory text, hyperlinks and other information displayed throughout the application. In addition you can enter HTML meta-tags and descriptions to ensure your knowledge base articles and support forum messages are easily indexed by search engines such as Google and have strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking.

Customized Branding

KronoDesk is quickly and easily configured to match your company’s branding and existing web site assets. Without any coding or scripting, you can change the logos, colors and other imagery displayed throughout the application to match your company’s standards and website.

The branding system lets you not only change the colors, but also see how they will look in context, within the application.

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