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Email Integration

For those customers that prefer to use email, KronoDesk provides powerful email integration functionality that can intelligently read incoming emails and generate new help desk tickets as well as add comments to existing open tickets.

Get Help Desk Tickets from Email

KronoDesk will automatically scan you support email accounts for new help desk tickets. Whenever it finds a new email conversation it will create a new help ticket in the system and if necessary create a new KronoDesk customer account for the customer if this is their first support email or ticket.

Respond to Tickets through Email

Unlike many other support systems, KronoDesk is smart enough to know when a customer is responding to an existing ticket as opposed to opening a new one. KronoDesk will scan the incoming support emails and when it finds a response to an existing ticket, it will add the contents of the email as a new note/comment to the ticket and if necessary change the ticket status and alert the customer support agent.

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