Help Desk Ticketing System

KronoDesk includes a powerful and flexible help desk ticketing system that can be quickly and easily tailored to meet your support needs. With support for custom fields and workflows you can create different support processes for your different products.

Submitting New Tickets

KronoDesk makes it easy for your customers to submit help desk tickets, attaching files and screenshots, making it easy for your support agents to reproduce issues and provide help.

Searching and Filtering

Your support agents can use the powerful sorting, searching and filtering features to track and manage their assigned tickets.

Responding to Tickets

The ticket editing screen lets your customer agents quickly and easily respond to custom help desk tickets. The system allows them to add notes, view the change history, attach documents and update the fields based on the workflow.

The journal view lets you expand and collapse individual message as well as filter the view to only include attachments, notes, and/or the change history

Record Private Notes

Sometimes support agents need to be able to record private “internal” information that are used to assist other personnel working on the ticket.

Such “internal notes” are only visible to support agents working on the ticket, not to the end user or any other members of his/her organization.

Group Tickets by Customer Organization

KronoDesk lets you group customers and end users under common “organizations”. This lets customer support agents more easily view all of the tickets related to one organization in a single place:

In addition, the members of the customer organization can have different roles that determine if they are able to view or respond to their colleagues’ tickets. This is useful when you have a complex support issue that requires collaboration between different users and/or a supervisor wants to be able to manage all of his company’s support tickets.

Assign Tickets to Support Groups and Agents

KronoDesk includes a flexible assignment workflow that lets customer support managers either assign support tickets directly to individual support agents, or to special “support groups” that include all support agents able to respond to specific types of ticket.

The support groups are completely customizable, and you can have multiple support groups for each product as well as having customer support agents belong to multiple different groups.

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