Knowledge Base

KronoDesk comes with a built-in online knowledge base where your agents can post the answers to common questions and issues.

Categories & Tags

The knowledge base allows you to categorize support articles into categories based on the different products and types of article. The tag cloud lets your customers quickly find articles related to specific topics.

You can drill down to look at the most recent and popular articles in each category:

Searching and Filtering

The knowledge base is searchable by category, keyword and meta-tag, with the system using powerful free text search algorithms to find the best match:

Creating & Editing

The knowledge base article screen displays the text of the article, together with the list of associated tags. Clicking on the tags will display any other articles that share the same meta-tag, allowing customers to quickly find related information.

Formatting & Rich Content

The KronoDesk article editor allows the embedding of rich content such as images, tables, and code snippets. In addition, KronoDesk lets you add related links and file attachments to provide additional information when appropriate.

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