JMeter Integration

Rapise includes built-in integration with JMeter for performance testing. Seamlessly convert your functional test scripts from Rapise into a JMeter load test and performance scenario with one click.


Inflectra has integrated the popular Apache JMeter open-source load testing platform with SpiraTest and Rapise. Our integrations allow you to seamlessly integrate Rapise and JMeter to get an integrated functional and performance testing solution.

Convert Functional Test to Load Test

The integration between Rapise and JMeter allows you to take an existing test script written in Rapise and convert it seamlessly into a performance scenario in the JMeter load testing system.

This feature allows you to convert Rapise tests for HTTP/HTTPS based applications into protocol-based JMeter scripts that can be executed by a large number of virtual users (VUs) that simulate a load on the application being tested.

Client Performance Monitoring

The integration between Rapise and JMeter lets you perform a simultaneous UI test in Rapise whilst JMeter is load testing the backend. For example, you want to measure the speed of the user interface that a user would experience whilst performing a protocol-level level load test:

This unique capability allows you to feed your performance metrics from Rapise into JMeter to give you the complete performance profile of your application in real-time.

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