Powerful Object Manager

One of the most important tasks in test automation is keeping the test scripts current with changes in the application. With the adoption of Agile methodologies, the need to be able to adjust the test scripts to account for refactoring is more important than ever. Rapise's powerful object manager ensures that changes in the application can be handled without any script rewrites.

Rapise Object Repository

With the Rapise object repository you can record and create test scripts with the confidence that they won’t become obsolete the next time the application is updated. When you record user actions or learn objects, Rapise adds references to that object inside its object tree so that the test script is not written against native controls that may change, but instead against abstractions of the controls that can be updated whenever your application’s user interface changes.

Key features of the Rapise Object Repository include:

  • Your test scripts are independent of screen resolution or dialog coordinates
  • Test scripts are not tied to specific physical objects in the application
  • Rapise understands complex objects (e.g. grids and treeviews) instead of having to deal with low-level interactions separately
  • Full integration between the Object Spy, Object Tree and Object Manager
  • Can handle all technology types (Web, API, Desktop, Mobile)

Object Tree

The Rapise object tree displays the hierarchy of learned windows and objects from recording user actions and also any explicit learning sessions:

This powerful tool lets you examine the various controls and elements available for scripting, highlight them in the source application, and with the drag and drop IDE you can simply drag any of the learned objects. In addition, if the application has changed you can simply re-learn the object so that it can be updated with the changes in the application without changing a single line of test script.

This makes maintenance of your tests very easy. The code can be auto generated and provides you with the ability to alter the flow, add new elements, and update existing elements to reflect changes in the application.

Object Manager

The Rapise Object Manager allows you to merge the object trees of two different Rapise tests. This can be useful when you have a new test that needs some of the objects from a test that you have already written:

This feature lets you build a robust set of reusable application objects during the creation of a test script and then easily use those same objects in subsequent test scroipts.

Object Locators

Underpinning the object tree and object manager are the object locators used by Rapise to uniquely identify an object in the target application. Rapise has an array of different locators depending on whether the application is desktop, web or mobile and also depending on the specific technology being tested (iOS mobile apps have different locators to Microsoft desktop applications for example).

The locators are stored in a plain text JSON file associated with your test script and can be easily extended to support custom applications and also have their properties dynamically altered during playback for maximum flexibility.

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