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Optical Character Recognition

Sometimes you need to get a text written inside a GUI control or find a place on the screen that contains a given text. It is not always possible to solve this task using objects natively supported by Rapise or Simulated Objects. In this case the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality may help.


Optical character recognition (OCR) is the conversion of photographs of text, into editable text. Often during testing you need to be able to dynamically parse the text from a graphic on the screen so that you can determine if an action passed correctly.

For example many applications are using the CAPTCHA image system for preventing automated spam posts to applications. If you need to test such an application, the ability to respond correctly to the CAPTCHA is critical.

Rapise can be integrated with a number of OCR engines, and the Textract OCR engine is supplied as a part of Rapise.

Clear Type

ClearType is the Microsoft Windows feature that makes screen fonts look more smoothly. In the most cases this feature is turned on by default to make screen fonts look better. But this feature makes OCR engine error prone. If you are going to use the OCR functionality, this feature of Windows should be disabled.

In Windows XP

  • Right click on the desktop
  • Select Properties
  • Click on the Appearance Tab
  • Click on the Effects… button
  • Set the Effects to the following screenshot

In Windows Vista

  • Right click on the desktop
  • Select Personalize
  • Click on Windows Color and Appearance
  • Click on the Effects… button
  • Set the Effects to the following screenshot

In Windows 7

  • Right click on the desktop
  • Select Personalize
  • Select Display and then click on Adjust ClearType text
  • Uncheck the "Turn on ClearType" checkbox (as on the screenshot below)
  • Click "next" button several times and then "finish" button to finish the process.

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