SAP Fiori

Test the latest versions of the world-beating SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite running the new SAP OpenUI5 user interface. Rapise has integrated tools for quickly and easily automating common business scenarios in SAP Fiori as well as connecting your tests and tasks to datasets for large scale automation.


SAP SE is one of the largest vendors of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and related enterprise applications. The company's ERP system enables its customers to run their business processes, including accounting, sales, production, human resources and finance, in an integrated environment.

SAP Fiori is a line of SAP apps that the company intends to use as its predominant user experience and user interface model going forward. Fiori is meant to address criticisms of SAP's user experience and UI complexity. A number of Fiori apps run exclusively on its new S/4HANA in-memory database, and the two are intended to more closely intertwine as they evolve.

Testing SAP Fiori

The new SAP Fiori platform introduces a web-based user interface that is based on the open OpenUI5 framework that can be used across platforms and devices:

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Rapise can SAP Fiori implementations using a combination of its standard web libraries and special extensions developed for OpenUI5.

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