Test Case Management

Test Case Management by SpiraTest supports test review and workflow management, test coverage for requirements, test scheduling, and Data-Driven Testing with test configurations - all tracked in real time.

What is Test Management?

Test Management is the process of defining the scope of testing that needs to be performed on a system, writing the test cases that cover that scope, managing the testers and resources needed for testing and scheduling the testing activities to meet the release date. A modern test management system should be able to let you write the test cases, store manual and automated scripts, let you review the tests, combine them into suites and then track the testing progress in real-time.

Test Case Management

SpiraTest lets you quickly and easily create and manage your test cases in folders, with powerful sorting and filtering capabilities. You can display different columns in your own customized view, including both standard fields and any custom properties defined for the project.

You can view the test cases planned for the entire project, or drill-down and display just the tests planned for a specific release, phase or iteration/sprint.

Test Reviewing & Workflow

SpiraTest includes a powerful and flexible workflow engine so that you can assign test cases for review and your users can provide comments and feedback on the test cases until they are ready for testing:

Test Step Editing

Each test case consists of a set of test steps that represent the individual actions a user must take to complete the test, complete with expected result and any sample data. You can include component test cases as steps within a parent test, so that you can make a change in one place and all the parent test cases will be updated.

Test Coverage

Each test case is mapped to one or more requirements that the test is validating, providing the test coverage for the requirement. During testing, any defects logged will get linked to this test case and the original source requirement. This provides complete traceability from a recorded incident to the underlying requirement that was not satisfied

Test Scheduling

To help you organize and manage your testing schedule, SpiraTest provides a Test Sets feature. Each test set can contain test cases from a variety of different folders and can be associated with a specific release of the system being tested.

Each test set can be assigned to a single tester for simple regression or functional testing, or you can assign each of the test cases in the test set to a different tester. This allows you to perform testing of different scenarios with the same tests:

Test Parameterization

SpiraTest lets you write test cases as ‘data-driven’ parameterized test cases. Each step in the test case consists of the action being performed together with the specified test parameters:

Each of the linked test cases will define a set of ‘input parameters’ that is passed from the parent test case:

Each of the linked test cases being used will have the specified parameters included in the test step description, expected result, and/or actual result.

You can then feed in different parameters to the test cases from either the test set as whole or from individual test cases in the test set.

Data-Driven Testing with Test Configurations

In addition, you can run the same test set multiple times, with different combinations of test parameters used in each iteration. This is possible using the SpiraTest test configurations option:

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