Hybrid Application Testing

Applications are not always written using a single technology, so Rapise has been design to test such hybrid applications. Using a single test script, Rapise can test applications that use multiple different technologies seamlessly.

What Are Hybrid Applications?

Hybrid applications are those that contain a mixture of technologies in the same application. For example you may have a Windows application that contains a mixture of WPF, .NET and MFC user interface components. Similarly you may have a Java application that uses a mixture of AWT, SWT and Swing. Finally with web applications you may be using HTML together with Rich Internet Application (RIA) components such as Flash, Java, Silverlight or an AJAX library such as jQuery.

Why is Rapise Your Best Choice for Hybrid Testing?

  • Seamlessly test applications built using a combination of technologies
  • Use the same Rapise IDE and Object Tree regardless of technology
  • Each technology is tested natively regardless of the combination
  • Simplify your GUI testing with one solution for mobile, desktop and web applications

Hybrid Desktop Applications

Applications are not islands and usually make use of different technologies and frameworks to accomplish different tasks. So it is very common for one single application to make use of different GUI frameworks (MFC, .NET, WFP) as well as different third-party widget libraries (for example, Infragistics, DevExpress, ComponentOne).

Rapise can record a single test script that connects natively to each of these technologies allowing you to easily automate a complete user scenario regardless of the underlying technology.

Hybrid Web Applications

Today’s dynamic web applications make use of various technologies that need to be tested together to ensure that they support the user experience:

Rapise has support for testing web applications using different web browsers, with the ability to test natively embedded rich components such as Java, SWT and Silverlight. In addition, Rapise has built-in support for populate AJAX frameworks such as YUI, GWT and jQuery so that it can test different UI widget toolkits in the same web page.

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