Intelligent Playback

When you record a test, Rapise translates your actions into a script. When you playback the test, the script is executed. Tests can be either played-back through the Rapise user interface, directly from the command-line, or from a test management system such as SpiraTest.

Flexible Test Execution

Rapise provides a powerful and flexible test playback engine. It will step through the test script and replay the actions against the application under test. It will pause between the steps to give the application enough time to respond and also retry a step multiple times in case the application is not ready. At the end of the test, Rapise will provide detailed reports and metrics to aid in the remediation of any failures.

Key features of the Rapise player include:

  • Playback of the test script does not rely on screen resolution or object coordinates
  • Ability to connect to a running application or launch if needed
  • Customizable playback speed and retry options to match application
  • Open API that allows playback from Rapise, command-line, build server or test management system
  • Flexible object location methodology that allows you to tailor Rapise to match your application

Playback in Rapise

When you execute a test in Rapise, there is no need to have the application under test open. Rapise will open the application if necessary before it begins execution of the test.

When Rapise is done executing the test, results will be displayed in a table. The rows with green text are steps that passed; the rows with red text are steps that failed. Any failure can be drilled down to get more specific diagnostics.

Playback using SpiraTest

Rapise tests can be stored, scheduled and executed from the SpiraTest test management system using the RapiseLauncher add-on for Rapise.

Using RapiseLauncher and SpiraTest you can manage and orchestrate the testing of applications using Rapise automated web, desktop and mobile scripts against a plethora of environments, with the test results reported back in real-time to SpiraTest.

Playback using the Command-Line

Rapise supports execution of tests from the Windows command-line. This is often useful when you want to run Rapise regression tests as part of an automated build environment and/or continuous integration process. The command line API allows you to pass parameter values to the test script that will set values on global variables used in your Rapise script:

This lets you write a single test that can be used to test with different web browsers or to use different test data for each execution of the test.

Playback using Jenkins or Azure DevOps

You can execute your saved Rapise tests using your choice of DevOps CI tool as another option. For example, you can playback tests using Jenkins CI:

You can also use our integration with Microsoft Azure DevOps (formerly known as Team Foundation Server) to execute Rapise tests seamlessly from Azure:

Object Locators

Object locators are created during Recording/Learning and used during Playback to identify learned objects and simulated objects. You can over-ride the information used to locate your object at runtime so that you can dynamically locate elements that may change depending on the data in the test application.

For the ultimate extensibility, you can extend Rapise with custom locators so that you can customize the testing engine to meet the unique needs of your application.

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