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Qt Framework

Rapise supports the testing of applications written in the cross-platform Qt Framework. Rapise can test applications using a wide variety of different Qt widgets, making it an ideal choice for testing Qt applications.

Qt Applications

Qt is a cross-platform application framework that is widely used for developing application software that can be run on various software and hardware platforms with little or no change in the underlying codebase.

Rapise provides support for testing the following Qt widgets:

Image Widget Matcher Rule Record Learn Comment
QCheckBox QCheckBox Yes Yes
QRadioButton QRadioButton Yes Yes
QPushButton QPushButton Yes Yes
QToolButton QToolButton Yes Yes
QCommandLinkButton QPushButton Yes Yes
QLabel QLabel Yes
QLineEdit QLineEdit Yes Yes
QTextEdit QLineEdit Yes Yes
QComboBox QComboBox Yes Yes
QFontComboBox QFontComboBox Yes Yes
QListBox QListBox Yes Yes
QTimeEdit QDateTimeEdit Yes
QDateEdit QDateTimeEdit Yes
QDateTimeEdit QDateTimeEdit Yes
QMenu QMenuBar Yes Yes
QMenuBar QMenuBar Yes Yes
QPopupMenu QPopupMenu Yes Yes
QFileDialog QPushButton, Win32Outline Yes Yes
QFontDialog QPushButton, QListBox, QLineEdit, QCheckBox, QComboBox Yes Yes
QColorDialog QPushButton, QSimulated Yes Yes
QInputDialog QPushButton, QLineEdit Yes Yes
QPrintDialog QPushButton, QListBox, QLineEdit Yes Yes
QErrorMessage QPushButton Yes Yes
QMessageBox QPushButton Yes Yes

Testing Qt Applications with Rapise

Rapise fully supports the test automation of Qt based applications. To ensure that Rapise can access the UI elements and properties in the Qt application, MSAA (Microsoft Active Accessibility) support for your Qt application must be enabled.

This provides additional information on Qt UI elements to automation software like Rapise and can be accomplished by shipping and loading the "Accessible Plug-in" included in the Qt SDK (Software Development Kit) with the Qt application under test (see below).

Loading Accessible Plug-in for your Qt application:


Plugins = plugins

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