SpiraPlan provides powerful baseline management features that allows you to have robust configuration management and version control of the artifacts in your projects and products. This makes SpiraPlan especially well suited for managing requirements, test cases and other artifacts on more complex systems and engineering projects.

Baselining in SpiraPlan

Baselining allows you to take a snapshot of the entire product at a specific point in time. You can use this feature to see the state of every test case, requirement, and incident as they were the moment that baseline was created. You can see how an artifact changed between two baselines.

In SpiraPlan, you can enable baselining support for specific products so that the feature can be used on projects and systems where it makes sense without complicating other projects.

In SpiraPlan, we attach baselines to a release, as well as to the state of the product changes. This is to help you more easily use baselines as part of your release planning and review: baselines are, in effect, tied to the progress of your releases and sprints. You may wish to create a baseline when your release starts, and then create another when it is released.

You may create a baseline at the end of every sprint and then use your baselines to see what happened between those two sprints.

Baseline Management

SpiraPlan provides a centralized baseline management administration screen that lets product administrators see all of the baselines in the current product.

This page lets you view the list of baselines in the product. You can sort and filter by the various fields and see the release and latest history changeset associated with each baseline.

When you click on a baseline on this page (or on an entry the existing Release Baseline tab) you are taken to the baseline details page:

The top part of this page displays the key information about the baseline, including its name, associated release, creation date and history changeset ID. It also displays a handy hyperlink to the previous baseline in the product, unless this is the first baseline in the product.

Baseline Artifact Change History:

Underneath this section is the Baseline Changes section which displays a consolidated set of artifact changes that have occurred in between this baseline and the previous one:

This list is different to the normal artifact history because it shows only one row per-artifact and displays a list of operations (Modified, Added, Deleted, etc.) that have occurred to that artifact in this baseline.

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