Bug Tracking

Looking for a better way to track bugs and issues? SpiraPlan offers a complete bug tracking solution that is fully integrated with your planning system. Bug tracking features include support for customizable workflows and fields, flexible reporting, configurable email notifications, and fully editable statuses, priorities, severities and bug types.

What is Bug Tracking?

Originally bugs were so-called because they referred to real insects that shorted out the connections inside a computer. Nowadays bugs (also known as defects or issues) are the problems that occur in a system where it is not working as designed. Bugs can be either found during development / testing or when a system is in production. It is important to use a tool to manage your bugs and defects efficiently so that you deliver and maintain a quality product.

Bug & Issue Capture

With SpiraPlan the logging and capturing of bugs and issues is quick and easy. You can either log the bug directly from the My Page homepage:

Alternatively, you can log the bugs without having to leave the test execution wizard:

Defects can be categorized into different types, including bugs, enhancements, issues, change requests, and risks. Each type has its own workflow and business rules. Defects can be logged in the system either through the web interface or by sending an email to a specific email address.

Bug / Defect Management

Once the defects have been captured, SpiraPlan provides the powerful tools for searching, assigning, tracking and managing the logged bugs and defects:

Bug Resolution Tracking

SpiraPlan lets different users collaborate on the identification, verification and resolution of a particular defect, with their comments tracked as a threaded discussion so that the case history is always available. Comments can be added through the web interface or through email.

Agile Kanban Boards

With SpiraPlan, you can also display the project’s bugs, issues and defects in a Kanban-style agile board, as an alternative to the classic incident list view:

Defect Traceability

With SpiraPlan, you can trace the bugs/defects back to the test case and the underlying requirement that generated them, giving the project manager unprecedented power in analyzing the “in-process” quality of a system during its lifecycle.

Customizable Workflows

SpiraPlan lets you categorize your logged defects into different types, each of which can have its own customizable workflow. This allows you to define different rules, permissions and operations for each of the different defect types:

Change History Tracking

All of the changes made to a particular bug are tracked by SpiraPlan, so that at any time you can view the history log of all the changes made to the defect, including the date of the change, who made the change, and what information was changed. This gives you’re a complete audit log of all the changes made.

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