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Source Code Integration

SpiraTeam includes support for integrating Software Configuration Management (SCM) tools with the system so that you can browse the source repositories within SpiraTeam. In addition you can link commits/check-ins in the SCM tool to artifacts in SpiraTeam to provide code-level traceability of changes. This functionality will allow the system to track the code changes that are associated with Requirements (stories) that have been implemented, Tasks that have been completed or Incidents (defects) that have been fixed. This gives unparalleled traceability across the development lifecycle.

Software Configuration Management (SCM)

SpiraTeam® allows you to link your existing software configuration management (SCM) repositories to a particular project. When this is done, you can browse the contents of the repository (branches, folders, files and revisions) directly in the SpiraTeam® web interface, without needing to install the native SCM application. This extends the reach of the SCM repository to managers and other casual users who need to report on the source code repository.

Cloud-Based Source Code Hosting

For those customers using the cloud hosted version of SpiraTeam, we offer a free source code hosting solution – TaraVault based on the industry standard Git and Subversion platforms.

Source Code Traceability

In addition to being able to view the contents of the source code repository, using SpiraTeam® you can link artifacts in the system to specific source code revisions. This allows you to associate implemented requirements, completed tasks or resolved defects/incidents with the corresponding code changes. This provides end-to-end traceability from requirements to software code.

You can view the revision log and see the list of associated artifacts associated with each file or with a specific revision. If you didn’t link the artifact when you committed the change, it’s easy to simply add the association directly from within SpiraTeam:

Source Code Preview & Syntax Highlighting

SpiraTeam makes it easy to view the source code being managed, with automatic formatting, language detection, syntax highlighting and line numbering to make it easy to see the current state of the code.

Support for Branches and Revisions

SpiraTeam allows you to view the revisions made to the source code and includes support for managing multiple branches (for those systems such as TFS and Git that support multiple branches).

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