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Document Collaboration

Document Collaboration with SpiraTest - an integrated web-based document management system with folder organization, documentation taxonomies, meta-tagging and version control. Try SpiraTest for free today!

Document Management

With SpiraTest, all files, screenshots and web links uploaded to the system are available in the integrated document management system. This allows you to organize the documents into folders, categorize by document types and associate with meta-tags. Once uploaded, users can search, sort and filter the documents as well as find dynamically related items through the meta-tag hyperlinks.

Document Version Control

Once uploaded to the central knowledge repository, revisions to the documents can be uploaded so that there is complete audit trail of all changes made to artifacts and associated documentation in the project.

Document Tagging

SpiraTest provides a freeform meta-tagging system for documents:

In addition, documents can have custom fields, allowing you to categorize and organize your other uploaded assets according to business needs:

Document Associations

Any document uploaded into the system can be linked to multiple requirements, test cases or defects in SpiraTest, allowing users to navigate from SpiraTest artifact to related documentation, to other associated artifacts.

Document Notifications

SpiraTest includes a powerful email notification engine that lets you subscribe to specific documents and setup notification events to alert users when documents are revised or updated:

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