Release Management

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What is Release Management

Release management is a key part of the overall software lifecycle and refers to the process of planning the features and requirements to be included in each release, orchestrating the continuous delivery of new builds, developing the test plan to ensure the release will be stable, and monitoring the defects and test results to ensure that the release schedule and quality thresholds will be met.

In addition release management often includes the management of the software deployments and the handling of post-release feedback and support activities.

Release Management

SpiraTest allows you to easily manage the schedule and scope of releases and versions of the software being development and tested. SpiraTest is designed for agile, waterfall and hybrid methodologies with built-in support for multiple levels of releases, iterations, sprints and phases:

Plan Requirements by Release

SpiraTest lets you plan and manage the functionality and features being included in each release:

This lets you determine which tests need to be written and tested to ensure complete test coverage.

Track Defects by Release

Each release provides drill down capability to list the defects detected, resolved and/or verified in a particular release, enabling a quick determination to be made as to the stability and readiness of a particular release.

Track Test Results by Release

You can view the list of all the test runs executed against a specific release. Each test run is listed together with a customizable set of fields as well as a link to the actual test run details. You can add custom properties to segment the results by different operating systems or platforms, as needed.

Manage Test Plans by Release

The various test cases in the project can be included in the test plan for each release or sprint/iteration, so that test runs and test case coverage can be reported on, either in aggregate or separately for each release. This enables you to determine the quality of each release and also manage regression testing with ease.

SpiraTest provides unparalleled flexibility in planning your testing: by release; sub-release; iteration; or phase. You can search the library of test cases based on historical metrics to determine the right set of tests that need to be performed:

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