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SpiraTest is a leader in Test Management on G2 SpiraTest is a leader in Test Management on G2 SpiraTest is a leader in Test Management on G2
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SpiraTest is a leader in Test Management on G2 Users love SpiraTest on G2 SpiraTest is a leader in Test Management on G2
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SpiraTest is a leader in Test Management on G2 SpiraTest is a leader in Test Management on G2 SpiraTest is a leader in Software Testing on G2

T for Trace

Trace It All

Need to manage requirements, defects, and test cases with full traceability and real time reporting? SpiraTest has you covered. Powerful, straightforward, and flexible, SpiraTest helps you get started fast.

V for Visualize

Visualize It All

Create and run all of your tests from a central platform: manual and automated. Seamless bug and issue tracking. Powerful and customizable reports let you check the health of your projects and tests at a glance.

Feature Highlights

Requirements Management & Test Coverage Screens

Requirements, Managed

Manage requirements, features, and use cases. Map tests to requirements to track test coverage. Drill down from requirements to tests and bugs.

Test Management & Manual Testing Screens

Tests, Sorted

Create, edit and execute test-cases with rich text editing. Test management for exploratory, automated, and manual tests with global scheduling. Support for templated and data-driven test cases.

Bug Tracking Chart

Bugs, Tracked

Track bugs, enhancements, risks and issues. Link bugs to test steps during test execution for full test traceability.

Quality Assurance Dashboard

Everything, Organized

Personalized executive dashboards, real-time charts and customizable reports. Fully customizable workflows to match your process. Available hosted or on-premise, and across all devices through your browser.

Customer Testimonial

I looked at more than a dozen products and the bottom line is that SpiraTest is hugely superior in value over everything I evaluated. The staff was a tremendous help and a big part of our decision. We are able to train quickly and let people take over as their own project owners in many cases and just stay in touch and help them along the way.
Chris Deaton, Arizona State University

Get More With SpiraTest

As many users, projects, tests, items, API calls as you want. All pricing is based on concurrent users.

Our one goal is to help you succeed. We care deeply about giving you the best quality service and support you've ever had.

Flexible options to make your life easier. Use on desktop or mobile; your servers or our cloud. Sensible add-ons.

Over 45 Integrations

We know you've invested in other tools. SpiraTest's open architecture and ever-growing extensions make it easy to integrate and extend.

Defect Tracker Integrations

Defect Trackers

SpiraTest has a bug-tracking system you will love. And if you have an existing defect-tracker (e.g. Jira), you want to keep using, you can.

Automated Testing Integrations

Automated Testing

Managing your automated test scripts with SpiraTest is a breeze. You can launch scripts for any automation engine, including Rapise, Selenium, and Ranorex.

Requirements Management Integrations

Requirements Tools

We've got requirements management down to a fine art. But if you have a requirements management tool you're happy with, SpiraTest can likely integrate with it.

More Integrations

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